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Yoga Flow with Usha

12/29/2017 @ 05:00 pm - 06:15 pm
RSY Surya Room

Join Usha for a pre- New Year's practice to celebrate life and it's artistry.

Begin 2018 with quiet contemplation and powerful intentions as we Embrace ourselves fully in our wholeness and Cultivate gratitude for our path and its natural evolution


We will meditate, work with breath, and move through shapes and forms to open our heart, increase clarity, and promote lovingkindness during our time together

Usha Bilotta
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Usha began practicing yoga in 1999 in the Ashtanga tradition. She knew immediately that she had found something life altering as the practice was transformative on so many levels. She has practiced several styles over the years, learning from various traditions such as Kripalu, Bikram and the Mysore method, but found her home in the authenticity of the living, breathing, ever changing flow of Vinyasa. She completed an 11 month, intensive certification through Tom Gilette at Eyes of the World in Providence, RI.

Her classes focus on proper alignment and strengthening as well as deepening awareness of breath, body, and mind. The pace of the class flows, but with intention, slow motion, and intensity. She is committed to helping her students cultivate a practice that is right for the them while honoring differences.

Usha is a Nutritional Consultant and is currently completing a Nutritional Practitioner’s Program through the Edison Institute of Nutrition. She has worked with supplements, herbs, and natural skin care in the The Natural Products Industry since 2000. She is devoted to the holistic practice of wellness in all areas of her life. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History with a focus on Buddhist Sculpture through Cleveland State University.