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Yoga in the Park

07/08/2017 @ 07:30 am - 08:30 am
Glen Park

Come salute the sun, experience the grass beneath your feet, the sweet air of the morning, the sound of the Falls, a canopy of trees, birds singing and ducks meandering, and maybe a little sweat.

The haven of the outdoors coupled with an intelligent sequence of strength and flexibility makes for one incredibly beautiful morning!

A Community class which welcomes all levels and is offered at $10 or a class pass.

Where : At Glen Park

Directions to Park: located in Williamsville, 14221

Main St to Mill St. Left at Glen Ave. Park in any of the two parking lots. Walk towards Glen Falls. We practice on the grassy knoll next to the falls.

Sheridan Dr to Mill St. Right at Glen Ave. Park in any of the two parking lots. Walk towards Glen Falls

Inclement Weather: if the temp is below 60° or it is raining, class will be at the studio.

Top 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga Outdoors

  1. Being outside. If you live north of the Mason-Dixon Line, you have got to take advantage of the opportunity to get outside and blow the stink off. Seriously, any chance you can get outside for any activity between May and the first freeze have got to be taken advantage of. ’Nuff said.
  2. Amazing views. How cool is it to do a spread-legged forward fold and then, when you twist to the side, see a beautiful blue sky or the green leaves of a tree flapping in the wind? This is the view I had today during this very pose.
  3. Challenge. Anyone can practice inside but not everyone can practice with their feet in the sand, on grass, or on rocks. The ground might be uneven, an ant might crawl across your mat, or the sun may be shining in your eyes, but that is what makes outdoor practice so rewarding. You get to go outside your normal routine, feel the earth beneath your feet, and make playful adjustments to your asanas.
  4. The music comes courtesy of chirping birds, flowing wind, and the fall of water cascading down. I couldn’t put together a better playlist if I tried. Close your eyes to the sublime.
  5. Special effects. You may get the unexpected delight of seeing a pelican land in the stream, an egret soaring through the sky, or ducks waddling only a few feet (inches) from you.
  6. Growing your practice. Said special effects in #5 can also provide extra challenges in staying mindful and present. Yesterday, while practicing near the falls, I saw the ducks come waddling towards, dad, little ones all coming over to check out these strange animals on mats. I had to set those thoughts aside, resisting the urge to stop and stare, and get back to focusing on remaining present. Surely, this has to be good for building mental strength and clarity in my practice
  7. Sunshine. There’s just something special about doing a sun salutation when you can reach your arms up and truly salute the sun.
  8. Wind. Sometimes an outdoor yoga class can feel like hot/warm yoga. It can get a little toasty out there, but this is Buffalo, so we get our fair share of cool wind brushing across our faces.
  9. Incredible inversions. Getting into a handstand always feels pretty damn good, but when you get to do one and see the ducks and geese walk by, the pose takes on a whole new dimension.
  10. Postpractice curriculum. Once your practice is complete, the postgame activity choices are pretty cool. A favorite is a walking meditation, a hike, or sitting with your eyes closed meditating near the Falls. Letting the sounds of nature envelop you...provides an excellent way to seal in your practice.
Darlene Rowen
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Yoga is foundational to Darlene's life. She was introduced to yoga in her late teens and has practiced intermittently until moving back to Buffalo in 2009. there, she found Rising Sun Yoga and strengthened her practice with regular classes and workshops. In January 2014, she completed "Kidding Around Yoga" training and began implementing yoga postures, breathing and relaxation into everyday instruction of her young students in Pre-Kindergarten.

With a desire to continue growing and learning yoga, she completed a 200-hour Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program at Rising Sun Yoga in March 2015 and Bryan Legere’s Rope Wall Yoga program in September 2016.

She teaches Yoga in the Park (summers), Rope Wall Yoga and substitute teaches at Rising Sun Yoga. Teaching children yoga continues to be a priority with weekly classes at Rattles to Reading Day Care and Pre-Kindergarten, ages 1-4 during the school year, and ages 2-12 during the summer.

She looks forward to communicating the lifelong benefits of yoga to others through teaching and example while continuing to strengthen her personal practice.