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Foundational Yoga

03/23/2017 @ 06:00 pm - 07:15 pm
RSY Surya Room

You've heard so much about yoga. You know it's supposed to be great for you - make you fit, flexible, focused and obliterate stress. But you don't know where to start (or what it actually is). Or maybe you've done the videos, but you're not sure what you are doing is OK.

At Rising Sun Yoga, we are your beginners' and beyond oasis. We'll guide you, step-by-step, as you discover this wonderful practice. A great way to continue your practice after you have immersed your self in the Intro to Yoga Course is with this simple and friendly class. Each class may cover:

Simple breathing exercises that are common to our practice;

Foundational yoga postures and how to adapt them to your abilities and needs;

Meditation techniques to reduce stress;

How to breathe so that you may link postures together and never feel out-of-breath.

We repeat things a lot so you are sure to learn them. And, we also make time to teach you how to modify the postures to accommodate your body and its unique needs.

We accommodate everyone...those who are new and have no experience, those with little experience, those who have not done yoga in a long time, those who want a refresher, and those who love working the foundational aspects.

This is a Continuous Class (you can join in at any time).

Margaret Kaiser
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Margaret L. Kaiser is a graduate of the Iyengar-based Essential Teacher Training Program (2006) with Iyengar teacher Francois Raoult at Open Sky Yoga Center, as well as the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Program (2007 & 2009) with Judith Hanson-Lasater, Ph.D., PT, RYT. In 2006 she began teaching yoga classes in Newfane, New York. In 2010 she opened her own yoga studio, Yoga Here & Now, in Newfane.

Her private practice includes continued study with Francois Raoult, as well as other accomplished Iyengar teachers. Margaret approaches teaching with a gentle touch and is clearly focused on the needs of her students.