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The Breathing Workshop

02/24/2017 @ 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm
RSY Surya Room

We grew up breathing, but we were never taught how to do so. If you were an actor or a singer, you were taught the proper way. Perhaps you studied a martial art where it was introduced, or you were fortunate to delve into the depths of yoga and learn all the different ways to breathe dependent upon the situation.

Well, in this workshop, we’re going to explore the most sound way of breathing that benefits you no matter what your background, profession, or passion. We’re also going to explore how to go further so that you can reduce your stress and anxiety, work with and eventually ward off depression, regulate your blood pressure, and modulate your tendencies to lose control.

This workshop is a must! It is absolutely critical to your health — attaining it and maintaining it.

You will learn some of the different breathing patterns taught in yoga so that you can manage your breath in different situations and begin to control your emotions, your heart rate, and your energy flow.

We will work with: the Yogic Breath, Ujjayi, Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Nadi Shodhana, Anuloma Viloma

Breathing Ratios (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, etc) (1:1:1, 2:1:1, 4:2:1, etc)

Pre-registration Required. $25

Michael Sutton
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Michael Sutton has over 40 years experience teaching the principles and mechanics of mind/body connection through martial arts, yoga, and meditation. He is the founder and director of Rising Sun Yoga, and helps others to discover their inherent individual greatness. He is a certified and registered Hatha and Iyengar-based yoga teacher and a karate instructor. He lives as holistically as he can - contemplating, meditating, visualizing, feeling, eating smartly, staying fit, practicing yoga, and having a healthy outlook. Michael believes that thoughts and their attendant feelings are more powerful than anything you put into, or let come out of, your Self.

He has had the opportunity to experience many injuries including torn ligaments and tendons, ripped muscles, broken bones, fractured ribs, sprains, strains, aches and pains, and vertebral problems as a result of engaging in team sports. He finds the only benefit to having experienced these injuries is that he understands what others have experienced, can teach people how to move properly, help re-align and balance them, and assist them in regaining a healthy lifestyle. He is a proponent of functional movement and mobility and believes this can be achieved by minding the messages you receive.

Formerly a practicing herbalist, Iridologist, and health consultant, he learned to address issues holistically and has continued his education in key health related areas, conducting research through topic-related books and as a result, has had the privilege of helping many people. He also presents health-related topics to organizations and various groups with his sister, Mary Ann Amschler, RN.

For much of his life, he studied martial arts (for 33 years) before being introduced to yoga in 1999. During some of that time, he worked in the banking and software industries for 20 years.

Michael founded Rising Sun Yoga to help people change the(ir) paradigm, bring people together in community, and create a center for education in mind, body, and spirit. His classes can be slow and even, mindful and steady, or strong and flowing. Usually his classes are a combination of all of them giving you an opportunity to explore and stretch your boundaries. He is a Yoga Alliance (YA) e-RYT 500 hour certified yoga instructor.

He offers both group classes and private sessions. For private classes, he can be reached at or at 716.632.5802. A private session is $70, three are $195. He also offers therapeutic yoga for anyone with injuries or chronic conditions.

Michael has a daughter, Sydney, who is a YA 500 hour certified yoga instructor, adventure seeker, world traveller, ski instructor, and outdoor wilderness guide.