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Sherri is a wife, mother, artist and dancer. She has a degree in Graphic Design and also illustrates children's books. She has over 15 years of experience in Eastern forms of meditation. Spirituality has been her most active pursuit throughout her life. She was drawn to Eastern Philosophy at a very young age and has always felt it has much to offer. By chance encounter, she befriended a Tibetan Buddhist monk who was touring with a group representing the Dalai Lama. She was introduced officially to meditation when he taught her her first mantra. A few years later she had the amazing opportunity to meet the well-known Buddhist Monk, Master Thich Nhat Hanh, who gave her the Buddhist name "Tam Be Tre" (compassionate heart of understanding) and officiated her taking her Buddhist vows.

She is currently a student of Master Ching Hai and practices the Quan Yin method of meditation. In addition to Eastern Meditation, Sherri discovered a whole new world in Movement Meditation, or Ecstatic Dance. The aspect of movement allowed her to reconnect to her body and align mind, body and spirit. Through a combination of these practices, she has found balance and peace. It is her pleasure and honor to share from her experiences by facilitating Dance on the Wild Side.