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Jamie was born and raised in Buffalo, NY with many childhood “opportunities,” which helped her to look within to find her own Truth. She knew from a very young age the power of positive thinking and knew that through all the chaos, there was always peace and light.

Jamie learned the power of thoughts and meditation during a difficult battle with infertility. She experienced her first of many manifestations and adopted a baby locally in only 5 months. She then conceived her own child and is now the mom of two beautiful girls who are 8 months apart. Camryn Faith, who is 8, has Autism. Raising a child with Autism has taught her about the true nature of all beings, which is kindness, love, happiness, joy, and acceptance. Suffering is rarely in her daughter’s world, it is created by our belief system and ego. Jordyn Hope is 7 and is an old soul who teaches those around her philosophical lessons daily and also plays the guitar and dances.

Jamie is the Director of Occupational Therapy in the Lancaster Schools and integrates Yoga with her staff and students. She has been practicing Yoga philosophy her whole life and added Asana, breathing, and meditation for about the last 10 years. She recently received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Rising Sun and feels it is her duty to share with others what Yoga has given her. Jamie leads with her heart and she brings this as well as motivation, humor, and compassion to her yoga classes.