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Tween Yoga

08/20/2018 @ 04:50 pm - 05:50 pm
RSY Surya Room

Designed to empower teenagers to become more self-aware and confident allowing each to gain a sense of well-being through the yoga postures emphasizing strength, flexibility and fun.

Ages 9 - 13 years

An 8 Class Pass for $96

Walk-in class for $15

Melanie Keaveny
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Melanie currently lives in Buffalo with an awesome and supportive husband and two beautiful girls, Calliopeia Love, age 6, and Solana Love, age 3. She can honestly say that she is fortunate to have a house filled with so much love. She is a part-time stay-at-home mom and has been a part-time hair designer at Anthony NY in Williamsville for the last 3 years. Melanie feels that taking part in her client’s ‘good hair days’ is a great way to help others have awesome days. When your hair looks great, you feel great.

Having two very young girls, the thought crossed her mind to begin teaching yoga to kids. Obtaining a kids yoga certification grew from that initial thought. But, along the way, life changed dramatically, as something unexpected happened. As a result of her yoga practice and teaching kids yoga, she began to heal from earlier emotional wounds and grow in ways she couldn’t have imagined. The simple process of attending yoga classes and then going through a teacher training program changed her life. As a result, she has decided to get her certification to teach adults too.

Melanie received her Kids Yoga Teaching Certification in November of 2012. With that certification, she has been teaching at Rising Sun Yoga while also teaching at summer camps, on field trips, at Birthday Parties and Team Building /Trust Workshops for Tweens, Teens, Kids, and Mommy and Toddler classes. She has designed and teaches a yoga program for Girl Scout Troops to help them earn their Health and Fitness Badge.

Through yoga, Melanie has discovered the joy in helping people feel good by helping them to heal from the inside out...naturally. Her yoga practice and teaching experience have opened her heart...changing her perspective. She has experienced so much personal growth that she has begun to face her fears and step outside her comfort zone.

She wants to give all her little yoginis a safe place to practice and clear their minds of all the stress they experience at such young ages. Through yoga, games, breathing, meditation and most importantly, FUN, she creates a non-competitive environment for kids to let go and feel free. Her goal is to create a healthy start in kids lives so that they feel good about themselves -confident, happy, enthused, beautiful, brave, and strong. From the inside out, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes, after working with Melanie, they know they are amazing. This confidence will carry forward creating a happy and peaceful life.

Melanie helps the kids build their confidence through positive affirmations. Recently, she watched as her daughter, Calliopeia, looked in the mirror and said to herself: “I am beautiful, brave and strong.” It brought tears to Melanie's eyes as she listened to her own child say the affirmations she learned in class.

“I'm giving her, and hopefully many other kids, a wonderful gift...the power of a great image and self-confidence.”

Melanie's personal struggles began in 2011 when her second daughter turned one. After that first birthday, Melanie ended up in the hospital with a panic attack. It was then that she realized she suffered from postpartum depression. She had been depressed for an entire year yet did not realize it and wondered why she wasn't one of those moms who saw only rainbows and balloons. To her, it was thunder and lightning. All the time. It was a problem that many women don't/won’t/can’t talk about, but she learned it was real. She also learned it can be addressed. It took her three years, but she can say that yoga helped her to heal.

Because of this experience, Melanie will begin leading a support group for mom's, called Circle of Support at Rising Sun Yoga for those experiencing a difficult transition since giving birth. It will be a safe place for moms to talk with no judgement.

Her yoga journey is the best thing that ever happened to her (besides marrying her wonderful, supportive husband and having two awesome kids). It has made her a better mother, wife and agent of healthful, natural change for others. She feels there is so much LOVE to give, and each day she can't wait to spread it even more!