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Flow Yoga-Foundational

07/11/2017 @ 07:30 pm - 08:45 pm
RSY Surya Room

This is a class wherein we move more fluidly from one pose to the next while maintaining the simplicity of the beginner's mind.

We'll guide you to discover this wonderful practice. This is a great way to advance your practice and yet remain simple.

We will teach you to coordinate your movements with your breath;

Adapt your postures to your physical and physiological needs and;

Reduce stress by quieting the mind (meditation).

Repetition is a key to learning. So, you will repeat poses frequently. You will also learn how to modify the postures to accommodate your body's unique needs.

We accommodate everyone...those who are new and have no experience, those with little experience, those who have not done yoga in a long time, those who want a refresher, and those who love working the foundational aspects.

This is a Continuous Class (you can join in at any time).

Jacqueline Damon
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Jacky fell in love with the idea of yoga even before she began practicing. Her interests in indigenous cultures, belief systems and natural healing drew her to study and eventually embody her own yoga practice. Jacky began her yogic journey in 2003 when she enrolled for a course during her first semester in college. She kept up her practice while earning her Bachelors in Anthropology, concentrating on Archaeology with a minor in Native American studies. Shortly after graduating, Jacky took the next step and completed a 200 hour Yoga certified training program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Her teaching style focuses on the needs of the individual student while emphasizing proper breathing and safe alignment. Students are able to work in a way that suits their own body and personality. Jacky's approach is to help you develop the three aspects of self...physical, mental and spiritual. Drawing from the Kripalu tradition, she makes sure that each student is compassionate with her/his self.

Jacky's humor and passion for yoga create the perfect atmosphere for beginners and seasoned students alike. Remembering that Yoga makes us all better human beings first and foremost, Jacky encourages students to take their practice off the mat and into real life in any way big or small.